Support & Education

Step One

When to treat your hives

The varroa mite life cycle

Understanding when to treat to get best results can be much easier when we understand both what times of year is the best to vaporize our hives and how often we need to vaporize while the colony has brood.  

Step Two

Tools of the trade

The gear you need

This video explains the tools needed to vaporize your hives. Including both the tools needed to vaporize your hive and the tools you need to keep you safe from the potentially harmful effects of Oxalic Acid Vapor.

Step Three

treat your hives

how to use Use the Mite-E-Vape

This video explains the process of treating your hives and how to do it efficiently.  In this video I use an old ProVape110 copy I made but you can see the Mite-E-Vape in action on the home page.  

Knowledge Base

Learn about VArroa Mites