Easily treat mites in your beehives

Say goodbye to hassles and hello to healthy hives with this lightweight, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly solution

mite-e-vape vaporizer

Why choose mite-e-vape?

Temperature Control

Get the perfect temperature for vaporizing Oxalic Acid, ensuring it's fully effective without any breakdown.

Fast Application

Treat each hive in your bee yard swiftly, taking an average of just 45-60 seconds per hive.

Easy Dose Control

Easily deliver treatments that pack a punch, ensuring they're super effective for your hives.

Cost-Effective Solution

Access professional-level mite control at a budget-friendly price.

bees gathering around the opening of a bee hive
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Dive into our Vaporizer and Mite Control Knowledge Base - your ultimate go-to for all things mites and vaporizer-related! Get the inside scoop, tips, and tricks to conquer mites and make the most out of your vaporizer.

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